Track Loaders

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Track Loaders

 Closely related to dozers is another type of machine: Track loaders, which are also known as traxcavators or drotts. As the name track loader suggests, these machines use tracks, but are fitted with buckets rather than blades. This is a very versatile machine that fits between skid steers and dozers/loaders in application sizes, and usually feature four-in-one buckets.

 Drotts are easy to operate in small work areas where movement might be limited for a loader, but you need more power to complete a job faster than is possible with a skidsteer or positrack. The bucket has reasonably large volume capacity and can be used for scooping up earth and loading it into a truck. The track plates are generally multi-bar designs similar to those on excavators (as opposed to single bar plates used on dozers), which makes them less aggressive towards the ground but also reduces the available traction force.


This makes track loaders very popular for construction sites and subdivision work.

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